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Many have surely asked: “Why can't editing text in a PDF document be as simple as it is in a Word file?”. Actually, the PDF's inherent simplicity is the reason editing text can be challenging. Because despite the PDF's evolution, its core design and purpose, the PDF was and will continue to be, a final presentation document exchange format. Text: To a Viewer, It's Just Code The reason behind the PDF's text-editing elusiveness is the fact that words and sentences in a PDF document aren't really text. They are collections of objects commonly referred to as text elements. A text element and its corresponding code instruct a PDF-viewing application which characters to draw and how to draw them at certain positions on a page. For example, figure 1 below, outlines how the two words “Hello World!” would appear to a PDF viewer before being displayed on screen (Figure 1): Fi... (more)

Automating Preflight with PDF Analyzer

From Check List to PDF Options More than a decade ago Chuck Weger coined the term “preflight” to define the verification process of digital files prior to printing. Since then, this process or “check list” has materialized into integrated PDF options, plug-ins, and standalone products. Automated Batch Processing Unlike integrated options and plug-ins, PDF Analyzer can be installed on a server to perform the preflight of large numbers of documents as an automated batch process (Figure 1) without user interaction. Figure 1: Automated Preflight PDF Analyzer validates the structure ... (more)

PDF Courier: Managed File Transfer Made Easy

Sending files to and from organizations is part of our corporate communication. What originally began decades ago as simple file transfers between research and government campuses, has become part of business interactions around the world. FTP was the original workhorse that enabled us to send files, but as network capacities grew, so did our need to send larger and larger files. Soon FTP carried complex documents, large images, and even multimedia. As a result, file transferring softwares and email applications became popular alternatives to FTP, but their popularity also came w... (more)

Android Security Issues - A By-Product of Using Open Source?

A lot of talk has been circulating lately about security issues in Android. Should anyone really be surprised to discover that an open source system is not only open to legitimate developers but also to hackers? Is it reasonable to expect that a system developed and maintained by thousands of heterogeneous developers can be relied upon to behave reasonably well under all circumstances? The concept of open source is very appealing. Highly talented developers have created tremendous products and generously shared them with the rest of us. Individual developers are not at issue her... (more)

JBIG2: How PDFs and Developers Benefit

Ever since the PDF's payload began carrying images, file size quickly became an issue. As people began adding larger and larger images into their PDF it took longer to transmit these files and the space in which they were stored filled up faster. Luckily image compression technologies were never far behind to help alleviate these problems. One such technology is JBIG2, a bi-level (black/white) image compression format introduced by the Joint Bi-level Image Experts Group. Unlike previous image compression formats (including its predecessor JBIG1) JBIG2 uses an intelligent algorit... (more)